Timeline: 2018-2022
EU FUNDING: 4.76 mio. €
Total Budget: 8.49 mio. €


This project focusses on the replacement of combustion engine vehicles in urban freight transport by emission free FCCPs and thus on the reduction of CO2- and noise emissions as well as traffic jams in European cities. Therefore this project is build  on the following pillars:
Cargo Bikes are Bikes specifically designed for transporting loads. The project develops cargo bikes, where the power drain is driven by innovativ fuel cells. These FCCPs are then used in different cities for last mile delivery going along with pre- and ongoing studies how these FCCPs can be used most efficiently. During this project, possibilities are specified how to use FCCPs in a sustainable way.



In 2018 about 9.3 billion parcels have been delivered in Europe. With this magnitude, ecommerce has disrupted trade related supply chains and caused several logistic related challenges such as growing emissions, congestions and delays in deliveries in cities. The online-shopping habits of European consumers are a strong driver for this double-digit growth which is going on for about a decade.


Modern fuel cell instead of battery

In action