Bike supportive measures

The Measures for Cycles 

In the light of transport related issues regarding congestion, emissions, safety, barriers and space consumption supporting bicycle use may be a rewarding initiative. Bike supporting measures can be implemented on different contextual levels, i.e. European, national, state or county, local or municipal or even on industrial level.

Within the project, a catalogue of bike supporting measures has been developed. This catalogue compiles a portfolio of measures on local/municipal level, which are designed to facilitate cargo cycles particularly. According to the specific local conditions, a municipality can select which measure is reasonable and should be implemented. The involved city authorities have committed to implement bike supportive measures throughout project duration. In the run of the FCCP project the measures will be discussed and selected during workshops to be conducted in each participating city.



Stakeholder Information

Stakeholders who may be interested in this document may be:

  • Politicians and decision makers eager to increase bicycle use in commercial applications,
  • City authorities keen to shift trips from conventional vehicles to sustainable cargo cycles,
  • Transport planners who are interested in designing sustainable city infrastructures.

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