Hydrogen Technology

Technology for future

FCCP overcomes existing barriers which are exhibited by battery electric cargo pedelecs by using hydrogen as an energy source and a small fuel cell as a converter. Thus, high performance cargo pedelecs can be designed which are suitable for professional applications. 

Hence, a much broader roll out of cargo cycles in commercial applications can be realized in order to substitute conventional vehicles and achieve a sustainable last mile logistics distribution system.



Source: DLR 

Based on the hydrogen technology following advantages are given:

  • Longer operating distance 
  • Short refueling  time 
  • CO2- emission free
  • Zero noise
  • Usable in winter 


Fast delivery.
no sound
No traffic sounds.
no emirrion
Emmission free.

Test rides 

Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier obtained, for example, by electrolysis of water. The conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy in a fuel cell
fuel cell, only water vapor is released. By using renewable energy, the H₂ is CO₂-neutral or “green.” 

That means that hydrogen-powered electric bicycles have no adverse effect on the climate. What’s more, hydrogen is one of the elements that occur most frequently in nature and – unlike fossil fuels – is available in unlimited quantities.
Hydrogen drives, therefore, do not consume finite resources.

Overall, this makes hydrogen the perfect drive source for environmentally conscious customers who want emission-free mobility without restrictions.