Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec – FCCP


05.05.21: Lecture for the Energy Industry

On Wednesday 5.5.2021 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. the LECTURES FOR THE ENERGY INDUSTRY will take place online free of charge,
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2:45 p.m. Hydrogen brings it – fuel cell loads Bicycles put to the test; the FCCP project

On the Way without CO2 Emission


EU-Funding: 4,76mio €

Total Budget: 8,49 mio €

Timeline: 2018-2021


You would like to buy something but don’t have time to look for it in conventional stores? What do you do? Right, you order it online…This development is increasing more and more. But it is also associated with a considerable increase in logistic traffic in the city centers. More and more parcels have to be delivered directly to the door of the end consumer.

The consequences: traffic in residential areas increases, traffic jams and delays as well as increasing air pollution.

The solution? Cargo pedelecs with fuel cell drive! They are a sustainable alternative for the so-called last mile in the cities, they drive emission-free and are often faster and more efficient than conventional delivery vehicles. Set in this background, the Interreg project FCCP (Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelecs) is testing a fuel cell load wheel for inner-city parcel delivery in five cities in north-western Europe. The cargo pedelecs with fuel cell drive have a big advantage. The re-charging time is fast, the range is extensive, and they can be easily modified for new use cases e.g. cooled transport.

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Contents of the project

Interreg NWE supports the project to develop a fuel cell system for cargo pedelecs

  • to integrate it into cargo pedelecs
  • to demonstrate the fuel cell cargo pedelecs in various use cases
  • to develop supporting measures of cities to support the substitution process
  • to develop business plan for rollout strategy to bring fuel cell cargo pedelecs into the market. 
  • The project is organized in 7 work package and will be performed by 14 partners in fiveEuropean countries. 36 cargo pedelecs will be operated in various European cities. 

Objective of the Project

  • Development of the fuel cell technology and installation on heavy
  • duty cargo pedelecs- Development of last mile logistics concepts exploiting the capabilities of the FCCP,
  •  Live application over 12 months in collaboration with five European partner cities